I haven’t the slightest idea of what to do regarding this JMicron thing. Advice regarding this matter is greatly appreciated. Can we get an update for firmware v1. Change three instances of b1 02 to b1 Why do you want to avoid the on-board SATA controller? Such opinions may not be accurate and they are to be used at your own risk. Header Type ‘non-bridge’ single-func Vendor:

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Or is there any trick? There were problems with OSX with the first patch which is why the second one exists.

JMicron JMB363 eSATA Controller Drivers

I used the newest version of the option ROM 1. You can download 1. How can I update bios?

Use Question Form such as ” Why? Net and its accuracy. Many thanks for the modded ROM.

Therefore, I chose to set register df[6] to cause the option ROM to quit without detecting drives. I have read through this page and start to comprehend the edits needed. Do i need to fix a checksum value as well?


Any pointers would be appreciated. You might try looking through the Linux kernel sources to see if the driver for the 88SE gives any clues as to how the chip works…. Actually, there is only one sata connexion, not two. The original bytes were e8 xx xxwhere e8 is the opcode for the CALL instruction, and the bit immediate operand is the relative branch target.

It is, as the category suggests, a storage controller.

JMicron JMB eSATA Controller Drivers JMB36X

Can you work that changes at latest bios ver 1. Given my limited abilities to understand hex, I cannot locate where to apply the changes to.

Thanks for the advice. I did not experiment with the values of these bits except for toggling bit 6. The option ROM loads, correctly reports connected drives, and allows booting from them. Yes No I don’t have a dog.

What is J Micron JMB 36x?

This changes mov cl, 0x02 to mov cl, 0x Power, Voltage, Temperature, and Frequency. Linux sets register 40 bit 2 to enable the Jmb36d port? You know if it is possible?.

Why do you want to avoid the on-board SATA controller? I have a similar card to add support for PATA drives. It is not a data jmb3x6 containing some form of initial register values.


What is J Micron JMB 36x? – A Knowledge Archive

I replaced 3 bytes with b1 02 I had some help from the option ROM release noteswhich gave some hints as to what the PCI config registers do or at least, supposed to do after being interpreted by the option ROM. These configuration kicron seem to control the hardware directly.

Please work with the latest bios and share it. At this point in the code, register cl should contain the byte read from PCI configuration register 0xdf. Those connected at boot were not mifron. Net cannot verify the validity of the statements made on this site.