The Luxman traded off these traits for a very sensuous sound, a warm, enveloping, and soft presentation that was just pure pleasure. A lot has happened since then. It also has an Unlock indicator, which tells you when the DA is not synchronized with the selected input device. Three years parts and labor. Create new account Request new password.

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Recording of December Cambridge Audio Edge A integrated amplifier.

Jean-Michel Blais — Eviction Sessions. Related Latest Reviews Recommended. That it is also attractive, easy to use, and made by a corporation that will turn 90 next year tips the balance toward an enthusiastic recommendation.

My Favorite Products of Even the potentially clamorous harpsichord was given full voice while harmonica, a potentially disastrous instrument in digital reproduction, sounded nice and wet and woody. Submitted by Michael Lavorgna on March 28, – 9: While the Luxman DA is one of about three dozen converters on the market that can process and stream 2. The DA’s rear panel is straightforward.

Thank you sincerely Mahesh kc. When I played Folia: I do not remember which audio player he was using on the Mac probably Amarra? So, for me, DSD is a worthy goal. Bonus Recording of November Qobuz announces US pricing plan, will Tidal feel the heat?


Luxman DA D/A processor |

Related Latest Galleries Recommended. According to Luxman, digital inputs of The power supply is a highly stable OI core power transformer with large capacity 10, microfarad blocking capacitors to support stable operation.

Greatest Bits Product of the Year Six Suites for Viola Solo. Where the River Goes. There is no volume control; you must use the DA with an external preamplifier or integrated amplifier. Henri Matisse The Dance Around back are all of the inputs and outputs and IEC inlet for the included power cord.

Luxman DA-06 DAC

I can only think, that you knew the sound of ludman system without the luxman so good, that you can tell the difference that the dac really makes.

Transients were very well defined; it was easier to discern the impact of the wood blocks being struck than through most DACs, but the effect was not at all over-emphasized.

Music Albums of the Year. DSD files played back on the Luxman DA have a musicality and fluidity that I have not heard from digital playback ever before. Recording of August Luxman is no new kid on the block — this high-end Japanese company has been a star in the audio firmament since Philip also played me some high-res Kraftwerk through them and the Luxman that really rocked the hotel room and brought in some additional show attendants to the room.


In comparison, the DA sounds laid back allowing some physical separation between the presentation and you whereas the Vega seems to reach out and touch you. Description But there’s more to this product than just one compelling if slow-to-mature format. It has a wide assortment of digital inputs, balanced and unbalanced outputs, and front-panel lights that indicate the input selected and the sampling rate of the file being played.