Suppliers of quality breathalyser, breathalyzer, breathaliser, breathalysers, breathalyzers, alcohol tester. Unaffected by all other likely breath contaminants Measuring Range: The Road Freight Association. This Passivemode is also ideally suited to checking the air above fluids, to see if these contain alcohol. Get In Touch We’re social and we’d love to hear from you!

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Supplied in packs of Nasal Tubes: Vomit Bags – Pack of Suppliers of quality breathalyser, breathalyzer, breathaliser, breathalysers, breathalyzers, alcohol tester.

lion alcolmeter® – Lion Breath Alcohol Analysis equipmentLion Breath Alcohol Analysis equipment

The costs to your business could be substantial if a dismissal is deemed unfair – A Lion Police Grade, Home Office Approved device will give you peace of mind and will stand up to the most severe scrutiny – proven! If you need to print off the result, connect the printer and it will automatically print off the test result.

The operator switches the instrument on and, when instructed, attaches a new mouthpiece to the small sampling port. The is fully automatic, through microprocessor control, so it is very simple to use. Lion Alcometer Mouthpieces – Pack of Instrumentation for a wide range of market sectors to identify problem drinkers and protect from alcohol related risks. The A is a police grade breathalyser and is used extensively by the British police.


Direct Marketing Association of SA membership. Looking to master your ecg skills?

a,cometer Phone numbers for anyone struggling. For extracting breath test data from the instrument to a PC operating on the Windows platform. This product is worth Loyalty Points. It uses Lion fuel cell sensor, so the reading is very unlikely to be affected by anything in the subject’s breath other than alcohol.

Lion Alcolmeter 500 – Breath Analyser

This device is the sister unit of the highly successful UK Police Lion B – exact same device with commercial software added.

This may also be ordered as the complete Pif required. Printer – produces multiple, tamper-proof copies of the alcohol reading, with date and time; plus spaces for operator and subject details and location to be entered by hand.

One year, parts and labour Please note: When the reading has been taken, the operator removes and discards the mouthpiece. Lion Sole Supplier Letter. This instrument requires no mouth pieces and only needs calibration once a year.

Blow until the tone stops and then read the display – UK Driving limit is 0. Feel free to send us an email! The Lion Alcolmeter has a large memory bank which can be downloaded to the operators PC for record keeping or presentation purposes.


Products available Worldwide through a range of international distributors. Special Offers Our best deals in one place!

Copyright c Alco-Safe. This generates a permanent record of each test, with space for the recording of other details, such as names and location. National Employers’ Association of South Africa membership. Christmas is all over for another year????

The Lion Alcolmeter – Breathlyzers used by Police Services

This Lion Alcolmeter is for fast yet accurate, fully quantitative breath analysis, and can be used literally anywhere. Memory – every breath test record is stored in memory, and can be downloaded to a PC for analysis by management. If you need any last minute emergency supplies please call our team on 9… https: An excellent breathalyzer instrument that is used by police enforcement in South Africa and across the globe. Guest Urine and Vomit Spills Kit.