As an alternative I was considering the Samsung X Nothing special, in other words. I quite like this model since it has higher contrast ratio, 12ms, DVi input, height adjt and tilted. More interesting, however, is the so-called pixel warranty. The monitor has digital and analog connectors. Guaranteed high FPS with newer computers.

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They are not very much alive, but more gray and dull and lose some intensity towards the edges, which is fairly common though but hard to notice.

I particularly like this feature, one not found on many other monitors. So how will this LG monitor stand up against the competition, and more importantly, should you buy it? Anyone know much about this monitor?

On a 1730h, the image can easily become too detailed and crispy, making it look enhanced too much. Add Thread to del. It has a different look, with some sort of ribbed aluminum look.

LG Electronics LB

L remastered movies can seem too detailed and crisp on a sharp screen. The game that still rank among the most used for testing finds its way even into this test. Everything is reproduced faithfully up until the specified angles, at which time the image degrades severely.


The screen adjusts downwards as most others, and upwards slightly more. Sure, it feels a little cheap, not very sturdy when being adjusted, but very cheap, or should I say great value. Following are some subjective judgments of how I perceived the monitor 17330b different situations.

The tests are mainly conducted using the digital connection, if nothing else is indicated. The movies one colorful, one dark, and one older. Cons — No USB ports, speakers, or llg features. The monitor has digital and analog connectors. You could call this the opposite of Quake III, since we consider other aspects of the monitor.

LG Electronics L1730B

This will ensure all details are still there. Several major manufacturers follow this standard, which should be considered the bare minimum. As an alternative I was kg the Samsung X I would say that monitors in this range have gained such a good response time, and display such a high-quality image, that they fulfill all the average users demands.

I quite like this model since it has higher contrast ratio, 12ms, DVi input, height adjt and tilted. Hardware plays a minor role when testing monitors except, perhaps the video cardbut the software can make much more difference. I recommended one of these to my friend – they are much nicer than the B I have one whilst having considerably better llg and a smaller footprint. The high pixel pitch helps reduce convergence problems to almost nothing.


One can barely find any noise or distubances in the image. Naturally, the screen can be set at different angles to suit your needs.

More on this later. With volumes and profits increasing over the years, I think the manufacturers should now move toward more demanding standards. It’s more like 25ms – 30ms. There are a lot of competitors in this price-range and size. This is what we aim to find out.

LG Flatron 1730B 17″ LCD Monitor High Contast Grade a VGA

To put this in perspective, if you had a sterring-wheel attached to your semi-robust table, and got wound-up in some racing game, the monitor would start to sway back-and forth.

To sums things up, this monitor will give you a lot for your money, a base with relatively extensive adjustment settings, and a build-quality worth some praise. However, this monitor does also handle scaling very well.