Timing of eruption of the first primary tooth in preterm and full-term delivered infants. Titanium ions release from an innovative titanium-magnesium composite: A scanning electron microscope pilot study. The distribution of periodontal disease and loss of attachment in jaw sextants in different age groups-cross-sectional study. The effectiveness of systemic eradication therapy against oral Helicobacter pylori.

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Microleakage along glass-fibre posts cemented with three different materials after cyclic loading: Clinical effectiveness of diode laser therapy as adjunct to non-surgical periodontal treatment: Microbiological analysis of a Mummy from the Archaeological Museum in Zagreb. Light transmittance and polymerization kinetics of sinda calcium phosphate composites. Razina upalnih medijatora u slini pacijenata s parodontitisom: Univerzitet u Beogradu – Fakultet zonda specijalnu edukaciju i rehabilitaciju, Akademija medicinskih znanosti Hrvatske, Altered light-touch sensation after bilateral sagittal-split osteotomy.

Ratne ozljede kostiju lica. Push-out bond strength of three different calcium silicate-based root-end filling materials after ultrasonic retrograde cavity preparation.


Tonsillolithiasis and orofacial pain. Evaluation of tumour markers in patients with burning mouth syndrome. Guidelines for teeth fluoridation with respect to fluoride concentration in Primorsko-goranska county. Etiology, Diagnosis and Prevention. A controlled clinical trial. Analgesic effect on iontophoresis in pedodontics.

Dental health of elderly in retirement homes of two cities in South Croatia-a cross sectional study. Ispitivanje propusnosti kompozitnog ispuna.

Radiomorphometric indices of mandibular bones in an 18th century population.

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In-vitro assessment of oxidative stress generated by orthodontic archwires. Solid malignant metastases in the jaw bones. Alveolar bone resorption in the sculls. Comparison of final disinfection protocols using antimicrobial photodynamic therapy and different irrigants after single-file reciprocating instrumentation against intracanal bacterial biofilm – an in vitro study.

Pulsed blue laser curing of hybrid composite resins. Utjecaj intenziteta svjetla za polimerizaciju na polimerizacijsko skupljanje kompozitnih materijala III dio.

Dose-dependent protective effect of BPC on capsaicin-induced rhinitis in rats. Simulated tissue sondz a unique pontic design: Chlamydia pneumoniae infection as a trigger for a Cogan’s syndrome. The incidence of satellite cysts in keratocystic odontogenic tumors. Carretes y Ferritas para transformadores.


The effect of anticorrosive chemical factors on periodonthal health. You will only get what is pictured.

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Distilled water nasal provocation in hyperreactive patients. Comparison of three methods of oral reconstruction for quality-of-life assessment.

The role of physical therapy in patients with temporomandibular joint disorder.

The cariostatic mechanisms of fluoride.