You’ll get the answers quicker and directly from source, and everyone will benefit from the shared knowledge here. Hopefully this fix will work. Updated firmware, software, documentation, translations. This gimbal system has been redesigned a multitude of times by people over the past decade and a half. You’re going to find everything you need to get the most from your Cougars.

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Just applied the aluminium tape.

Unfortunately most of them are either out of production or increasingly expensive to acquire, if at all. My multimeter still shows a little jumpy so… Yeah. Welcome to Cougar World, buddy! I opted to open it all up and disassemble it in the knowledge that this stick is very moddable and probably easy to fix with some of the shelf components. You’ll be able to benefit from a wide range of tutorials and examples explaining how to get the most from your controllers, along with Frequently Asked Questions and their answers!

WARTHOG content Having done the lithium grease fix, which significantly smoothed out the feel, my stick is now developing looseness in that I can twist it slightly, as if the stick had yaw input. Waiting for a good base replacement, perhaps with HAL sensors.

Updated firmware, software, documentation, translations.


Thrustmaster HOTAS Cougar – joystick and throttle – wired Series

Possibly rings and extra tape. Gotta do something on my day off and waiting for the shimmy rings. User notas on couar Cougar and Cougar World. Hopefully this fix will work. I really love the switch panel on the throttle, with the ability to program the most commonly used items fuel, starter, battery, gear, flaps, etc.

Liberated the thread, off to the hardware shop to find some find some fitting pipes. Specifications, features, photographs, reviews, awards Provide information about the Cougar.

Do have a good rummage around – the menu’s pretty well laid out so you should be able to find what you’re looking for, but if not, jump into the forum and ask. Note that I also ordered some extra bits since I am also building an extension for the stick, but I consider that outside the scope of this little report. We also welcome suggestions regarding features you’d like to see implemented or to suggest improvements in the software that shipped with the Cougar.

So, lots of movement on the modding front today. This gimbal system has been redesigned a multitude of times by people over the past decade and a half. So initially, we’ve designed it to: Turns out it has suffered some damage no idea when and thus is bent….

Thrustmaster Hotas Cougar (2960534) Joysticks

Going to open it up again later this week, first the viggen. That cleaned out a bunch of black stuff, carbon from uotas traces. In a hunch looked at shapeways. First start my removing the roll axis north to south in this picture.


Most of these problems are related to how the physical interface works in relation the X and Y axis.

Aluminium Tape reduce play X axis shimmy rings very thin rings, 0. Oh, Ohtas also found a Gardena connector much like this one from the USA in my local shop… So bugger me with a fishfork, I missed that the first time round.

ThrustMaster HOTAS Cougar – joystick and throttle – wired Overview – CNET

This one is connected with a rather thin axle that has a tiny locking ring on it. Are you talking about the Warthog? Installation and Setting Up. Act as an information service for those of you who own a Cougar or two! Well, right now I am waiting for the parts to show up and then I can start assembling again. Would be lost without it.