The biggest drawback of the Graphire tablet is its small size; at only four by five inches, it can sometimes get crowded when mousing around on a large screen. The tablets are available in several sizes. Product description For a faster and easier way to work digitally: Finally, I was originally worried about the hover distance, and that I had to hold the pen too close to register Enhance Photos Quickly and easily edit your digital photos using the control of the Graphire pen and your free copy of Adobe Photoshop Elements 3. In Vista it even puts a battery indicator at the bottom telling you how much charge is left on the tablet.

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Would you like to tell us about a lower price? First, I am a math teacher. This model included an integrated adjustable-tilt stand that allowed it to hang off the edge of the table and closer to the user.

I downloaded the 4. The driver knows which one you are using and lets you customize each in many different ways. For example, applying more or less pressure to the tip of the pen changes the value of the pen’s timing circuit capacitor. Computer input devices and software.

Amazon Gaphire Refurbished products with a warranty. Be the first to review this item. When the artist finishes a sketch, he or she can connect the receiver into a USB port, where the sketches are imported into Sketch Manager and can be exported to PhotoshopIllustrator or Autodesk Sketchbook Pro, as well as various image formats.


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There is definitely a learning curve to using this. Bluetooth Interface The Bluetooth technology provides for up to 30 feet of wireless freedom, and the rechargeable Lithium Polymer tablet battery for up to 25 hours between charges. With the mouse, you’ll find graphore at medium mouse speeds and up, the mouse becomes somewhat imprecise. While in the assumed position, ease-of-use varies depending on the size of your hands; remembering to hold it in the right way which doesn’t always feel natural can be difficult, graphirf this gets better with time and practise.

However, some users will definitely find this very tricky. Since you have the pen, you’ll probably never want to do any precise work with the mouse. Sold by EquipOne Liquidation Services.

It was the first to come with Wacom’s Pro Pen 2 technology, greatly reducing the space between the cursor and the nib of the pen and also offering pressure levels. With both the Wacom pen and mouse, you’ll have the right tool for any task.

The pen is easy to use because every point on the tablet has a matching point on the screen. Another handy feature is the ability to have a custom pop-up menu, triggered by your choice of mouse or pen button. Photoshop automatically recognizes the pen’s pressure sensitivity and you can set the pressure to control brush size and opacity. The clue, though, is in the word Vista. I bought mine for two reasons: Still, if you want to try an alternative input to your keyboard, the Graphire 4 works well with Vista.


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I waco, that you can put a picture under the plastic surface. Inthe 21UX saw a major design revision and a price drop.

Contact And Other Information. Vraphire tablet forwards this and other relevant tool information in packets, up to times per second, to the computer. Archived from the original on See all Used offers.

My machine is a fairly slow one Celeron Aso the marching ants performance might not be an issue on faster machines. My Graphire shipped with the 4. Terms and conditions apply. The pen technology, like the 21UX, was identical to the Intuos4 in resolution per inch and sensitivity.

This issue was fixed in the 4. Where you touch your pen tip to the tablet is where you click.