Thank you for giving us a detail information about GMA in various linux version. So can you help me with this problem? However, this configuration does affect the ability of SDL and other? Retrieved from ” https: If you want to revert back, just replace modesetting with fbdev.

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GMA (Poulsbo) gma_gfx

Poor Multimedia Performance Windows wins without any dubt. Have xrandr multi-screen, color management work correctly By default at least on This page was last modified on 20 February gma500, at Anonimo 29 gennaio If this also fails, you might try removing pm-utils’s video resume script, so that it’s not run when you resume the machine.

Usually with Intel nomodeset is not correct, but the method for adding boot parameters is shown. You can automate it in a script: To setup different resolution for external monitor using xrandrxfvideo-modesetting provided by package xorg-server from official repo is needed.

Really better than Ubuntu Generally better not to use ppa unless gja500 is the only alternative.


Let’s start saying that GMA works better with Microsoft products but anyway linux distros may be faster than Win 7. Without that option, you will either get a black screen or distortions, linud as top half of the screen only. It does not show whole screen and it is cut in the middle.

Linux actually, in this kind of platform, is good for desktop usage but not for Multimedia purpose there are still too many websites with media contents. I also cannot change my resolution x to lower like x Did you know this linux distro http: Probably gonna switch to windows: After installing, an Xorg file is needed to setup the driver.

Instead of hard rebooting, you could try to blindly reboot your system, since the last thing you used before suspend was the terminal. Haven’t tested flash or video rendering.

If suspend does not work, there are various quirk options you can try. Help me to solve this problem.

Downloads for IntelĀ® Graphics Media Accelerator (IntelĀ® GMA )

I am a total newbie in linux world, so I am writting this, to ask how to install Intel GMA drivers. A very short script is available to do this with less typing written by mulenmar. Mint 17 Rosa here on eee ha 2gb ram.


April 7th, 3. Retrieved from ” https: Finally, Very happy for now! I’ve tried some options at GRUB and it was succesful.

Old thread then said it should work out of the box? Failed to fetch http: That should suspend your system. The time now is It all works out of the box, just needed to Fix backlight Google it dedicated more memory to video card i have installed 2gb ram and gma5000 having an error message about gma at boot but without effects. AVI Trailer with default player: