Looks like the most recent driver for the PCR 50 is Other than that, and anyother caveats i might have missed, it works ok. At this point, you may have to re-boot to have Windows recognize the “new device”, but I’ve had some success with Scan for Hardware Changes in the r-click menu detailed above. I wasted alot of time. In this case, I doubt there’s a setting in the KB preventing this; it’s usually in the opposite direction with an internal “memory protect”-type toggle setting.

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I downloaded and installed. Now it has quit responding again. View More Photo Galleries.

My power supply is a w, mid-high-end vendor, but my machine did do a reboot once, in probably times of turning the controller from off to USB power.

Read the install readme Very carefully. I am supprised that a Bronze member hasn’t said this thread should be moved, because when the usb midi out on the controller works, Sonar seems to do it’s part.

Edirol Pcr-M50 Keyboard

I also have a Roland GI port that does show, and a Midiman 2×2 that is showing fine. I did email Edirol with my system specs and symptoms. I am downloading the driver to try that out. Forum Themes Mobile Progressive. Thank you don 7.


Best 1 hsb Replies Related Threads. It is now working, using the external power. Even if it isn’t, you’ll find it here somewhere close by.

It seems I did do everything according to plan, when I first installed, and it supposedly finished ok. Forums Posts Latest Posts.

Power works, but it does not recognize the keyboard. Other than that, and anyother caveats i might have missed, it works ok. That may be worth investigating, along with the output monitor as a diagnostic tool. Shogun Max Output Level: Device manager USB usuage is showing the correct power, when powering by usb. As far as bandwidth, it is the only USB device currently connected. Anytown South of MiamiU. Let’s face it; it could be bad drivers. I looked in Windows system and it says the driver is not working properly, but don’t know how to get it uninstalled.


Edirol PCR 50 USB no port showing | Cakewalk Forums

Thanks for the contact no’s. I just edirop I could get the uninstaller to work, so I could try a fresh installation, but that doesn’t work either.


B rock, I tried that method, as well as the uninstall. It asks me to unplug everything from my computer. Straight in the box. However, the long-awaited Remote25’s newest drivers are much more unreliable than the originals. He’ll get your permission pcr–50 take over your computer and have the problem fixed lickety split! I have a bunch of usb drives and an MBox that I’d prefer not to have reload any other drivers, if possible.

If the driver is USB, you can try this roadmap.

Thank you Don Read the readme in the install folder carefully. Doesn’t look like anything new will be forthcoming.