Other examples of types of connections that require a log-in are: What should the DSL modem lights look like? Video doorbell without WiFi? No lights on the modem Check to see if the modem is powered on by pushing the power button on the back of the modem and that the power cord is plugged in. Otherwise – yeah, it’s basically invisible and you can’t reach it via IP.

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Mount Horeb, Blue Mounds and Verona customers should bring their modem, along with the power cord, to the Mount Horeb business office for testing.

For example I have the Linksys E hardware version one, running one of the mods of the original tomato firmware for example Toastman or Shibby. Rental car lied [ Automotive ] by Jan Janowski. If you only have Internet service on the modem, typically, a network cable can be plugged into any of the four ports 1x thru 4x.

Comtrend Adsl2 DSL Modem Ethernet Router Model Ct-5072t

If you need help doing that on the router: If you have video service on the same Comtrend modem as your Internet service, the network cable should be plugged into Lan 1x on the modem.


The credentials needed to log in are username: You shouldn’t need to reset the Comtrend at all. If the network cable is plugged in correctly make sure your network card is enabled on your computer. I say IF because you typically don’t need to get into the Comtrend, especially if you have a router.

I would think it works for other connections that require a log-in.

I understand the Comtrend IP address is Some customers choose to bridge the modem and put the PPPoE on the router due to having additional networking devices. If your wall jack has an upper and lower port, typically the lower port is for DSL, unless otherwise labeled.

DSL Gateways | Comtrend

For Dodgeville customers, please click here. Check to see if the modem is getting power from the outlet by plugging the power cord into another outlet. Should I remove the router to comrend it simpler?

For us helpers to better help you, it would help to know the OS and Version. If the network card is enabled, try replacing the network cable or bypassing your router. On the other hand if you need access to both. Resetting the coktrend will wipe out all provisioning needed for connecting to our service.

World-class technology with hometown values TM. Tech Support – Check to see if the outlet is getting power by plugging something else into it.


What should the DSL modem lights look like? (Mount Horeb & Blue Mounds)

How the OP started the thread. The Comtrend is or at least should be in Bridge Mode, so all authentication and other connection management should be handled by your router, typically. You mentioned “set an IP address within the appropriate range on your computer ” could you explain further on how to do that?

Wait a couple minutes then try your connection again. Mount Horeb East Main Street – The details would be different for non-Debian derived distributions. If the Power light is out or flashing, the most likely cause is a failing modem or power supply. How can I access Comtrends settings?. The Comtrfnd light should be flashing green. Widespread Centurylink Outage this morning Search Support Search for: Was there some reason specifically that you wanted to log in?

I also use a router with a gateway address of