I also tried every swinging driver under Lexmark and got the same results From what I’ve seen in other Linux forums, the best way to fix the issue seems to be to just scrap the Lexmark. D No more singing the Blues, unless I want to do so! I’m a Ubuntu newbie and it worked like a charm the first time around!! Error exit delayed from previous errors What am I doing wrong? I posted a how to for the Z It works really well for my z and doesn’t ever insist on calibrating like windows does which is an annoying waste of time and ink.

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I was able to installed the lexmark 35 driver but that only made my X pass a paper as if it were GAS! Restart the cups daemon: First, I tried using a file lexmarkz D The driver we’ll be using is the z one, which can be found here http: Hi, I followed your guide in Breezy: It looks like this problem was down to the USB port. If you get no output at all, you have problems.

Linux Setup – View topic – Compaq IJ (Lexmark) Printer Problems

If that’s the case, how can I flush the cache? Permission denied Permission denied [ ok ] myname hostname: I hope this helps all the others who had this problem.


Grayscale can’t afford colour cans Print Quality: No such file or directory I also tried installing it through the system administration and it seemed like everything was in place but when I went to cojpaq it never came out even though it said it had been sent to the printer.

Still no output from backend!

Please use appropriate cartridges. I have no idea why it’s not working for you. I’ve downloaded the driver and put it in folder on my desktop called lexmark, I’ve put it on my desk top and nothing Hopefully Xandros will eventually make a Debian installer for this driver, but until then this works pretty well I got my Lexmark x printer to work in Ij00

Fedora 3 on my Compaq Presario

If you don’t want to look through config files, the vendor ID can be located with “lsusb -v”. I’ve followed the instructions written in Lexmark Z printers http: Hi, sorry to disturb again, but now, after a few days ccompaq tried to print a very important paper but the printer simply refused to work.

On the most recent install, everything appeared as though I had added the printer through the normal system, it was online and set as default, but still wouldn’t print. For example account ward: Child returned status 1 tar: Thank you all for help. Scanimage worked with just the backend installed. Are there any more logs Coompaq can provide to help? From searching these forums I see that Lexmark does not like to play nice with open source.


I got a Z35 and i tried everything i quoted so far but every time i want to test it i get this answer: Also, can you please link directly to the. My Lexmark z installs but will not print.


However, when I completed the process, im600 driver was not listed as an available driver in printer setup. You are a lifesaver! It’s partly printed besides paper. I can get all the way to the very last step, but I get no output. I looked at the printer setup to see if by some miracle the driver would be there, “after all the driver did install”.

What exactly does tail go by in Synaptic?