Views Read View source View history. Besides the obvious v4l stuff, need are: I’ve also tried building liplianin but it’s reporting that it doesn’t support my kernel As I am using unraid and not ubuntu this isn’t so easy for me to test. Retrieved from ” https: Apparently I have to build a custom kernel, and I have no idea how to do that.

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The microtune tuner was merged in kernel version 3. Could you please write exactly how you managed to get your tuner working? Just an update in case someone stumbles onto this topic: And automated way to do this are the pm-utils hooks or systemctls sleep hooks for systemd systems.

This is only true for DVB-T so the package is actually misleading. Kernel has been upgraded to 4. This page has been accessed 29, times.

This card appears to be supported from kernel 3. There are two tuners microtune mt which both can tune to a DVB-C frequency, but since only one demodulator supports DVB-C you can not demodulate the intermediate frequency specific to DVB-C, this is a hardware limitation. Cinergh the obvious v4l stuff, need are: Apologies for bumping an old topic, but are there any more up to date instructions for getting this card to work on Ubuntu This card advertises as being a dual tuner in the sense that you can have two streams pcoe at one frontend at the same time see package photo below.


Can I use this card with Tvheadend? After that the card was recognized by the operating system – but not with “lspci”, but with “lsusb”. If you look at the other cards so they have created patches to add USB id to dw Card is installed, visible via lsusb took me ages to figure out why I couldn’t see anything via lspci! If the card is a clone of the tevii S, is there no way to use the same driver?

Terratec CINERGY S2 PCIe DUAL?? Firmware for Ubuntu – Tvheadend

Processing of the signals is a little different than the other chipsets so you need another keymap than already available in the LIRC database at [2]. This card is supported sual kernel version 3. I got it working, my patch is accepted [1]! Views Read View source View history. To fix this issue you should unload the following modules before suspend and load it after wake up.


TBSDTV Community Forum • View topic – TBS Driver and TerraTec Cinergy T PCIe dual

Apparently I have to build a custom kernel, and I have no idea how to do that Maybe Fredrik Ling who created the topic could test it, and tell us if its worth checking out? I do not think it helps. I have tried replacing your dw I uploaded 2x files for a different card. Retrieved from ” https: My my linux knowledge is quite limited.

The card itself was added upstream on LinuxTV’s git repository on and may have been merged upstream. I’ve tried with 4. The remote is used for several Terratec TV products e.

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Unfortunately, because of that in the module dw USB id is hardcoded cinwrgy load the firmware. CrazyCat has forked the liplianin driver package, and he has added this terratec card.

I am running Ubuntu Also, the firmware for the cx is needed. This page was last modified on 15 Januaryat