In that case, you can specify the toolset as the first argument, this assumes that the toolset is readily available in the PATH. The relative pathname of this directory depends on the toolset and build configuration, but it always begins with bin. Jamfile for project hello jamfile for project hello exe hello: The meaning of system wide depends on the operating system. For example to build a Win64 version with vc8. Next, change to the directory containing hello.

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Build can be used with many buils systems and compilers and is able to compile each individual library based on appropriate configuration files. Tip As this book goes to press, the Boost.

Builr Boost libraries ship this program as source code and not as an executable. This forces building of the grammar, although it may not force the regeneration buikd the grammar parser. Instead of validating and compiling individual libraries separately, Boost. The built executables are placed in a subdirectory specific to your platform.

Targets are declared by invoking rulessuch as the exe rule and the install rule. Jam is independent of the toolsets used for Boost. Build rule unless you specify values for those arguments.


To build the target xxx with the toolset yyyenter the command:. I read that I must launch build.

C++ Cookbook by Jeff Cogswell, Jonathan Turkanis, Christopher Diggins, D. Ryan Stephens

Note The toolset used to build Boost. Arguments of the form ” –option “, which are passed to the build.

Currently there are two targets supported: You can build several targets at once by entering several target names on the command line, and build all targets in the given project by specifying no target. Specifies runtime library linking [ 8 ]. Next, invoke the install rule, specifying the executable target name and the location where you want the install directory.

The build scripts accept these arguments:. Running the scripts without arguments will give you the best chance of success.

Introduction – Installation

For simplicity I asked you to create the Jamfile from Example in the same directory as the source file hello. I should be able to build it from the code in Boost, but how? Jam is needed to use Boost. For example, in Linux running on an Intel x86 compatible chip, the executables are placed in: The location where the files are to be copied can be specified either as the target name or as the value of the location property of a target requirement.


The command-line option –build-type determines which build types of the libraries are created.

Finally, enter the command:. The build scripts accept these arguments:. For example, instead of entering bjam helloenter bjam –v2 hello. When the toolset is not given an attempt bulid made to detect an available toolset and use that. I am afraid Cygwin is not an option.

Trying to build Boost: I cannot get bjam – Stack Overflow

Build installs the complete set automatically. Arguments not in the form of an option, before option arguments, are used for extra setup to toolset configuration scripts. This hierarchical design is quite powerful: When built they are placed in their own directory ” bin.

Stack Overflow biild best with JavaScript enabled. For building the executables there are a set of build bootstrap scripts to accomodate particular environments. The arguments starting with the ” –option ” forms are passed to the build.