The following code sets NetFileDir for the default session to the location of the directory from which your application runs: Comment 3 of 4. Sign up or log in Sign up using Google. However when I try to access the live files, the error I get is that they are under the control of a different. Comment 2 of 4 Thanks Graham. Mike has authored 6 computer books and over 1, articles.

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All applications that need paardox share Paradox tables must specify the same directory for the network control file typically a directory on a network file server. Articles by Mike Prestwood. Kerberos42 2 Just doing my part.

Problem with file-based databases (Paradox, dBASE) under Windows Vista or later

I had to create one for my app. As a drummer, he maintains play-drums. This file governs sharing of Paradox tables on network drives. Link Contributed By Mike Prestwood: In the Net Dir setting in BDE Admin, you need to specify the path to the network share where the other applications access the pdoxusrs. The queries are simple, ie: Copyright C Embarcadero Technologies, Inc.


Or you need to have your own server application run on the server computer that you talk to via a network protocol. Posted 7 years ago. What do you think about this topic? This is bad programming all round.

You bee will thank you for not screwing up other software that uses the BDE. How to configure BDE to connect to an existing Paradox db with. If your application runs directly from a network file server, you can improve application performance at runtime by setting PrivateDir to a user’s local hard drive before opening the database.

The original developers of the system are no long in business, so there is no support. Be sure to read the readme file to see how you can set your defaults in the ini file.

My only other option that I can see is to load the entire.

Sign up using Email and Password. Never assume you are the only Paradxo application installed on any given machine. Enter your name and security key.


Specifying Paradox Directory Locations

If you pxradox look on one of the other client machines, you should on that machine open BDE Admin and then apply the same settings on the machine, where your app runs. You can also set or change NetFileDir in code at runtime. PrivateDir specifies bdde directory for storing temporary table processing files, such as those generated by the BDE to handle local SQL statements. Comment 4 of 4. Posted 6 years ago.

Email Required, but never shown. Comment 1 of 4 Hi All The Link http: Get Started Page eMag: For development I copied the relevant. The following code sets NetFileDir for the default session to the location of the directory from which your application runs:.

I have created a C application to read a Paradox.