Once I started it, everything worked great. To find out more, including how to control cookies, see here: Post Your Answer Discard By clicking “Post Your Answer”, you acknowledge that you have read our updated terms of service , privacy policy and cookie policy , and that your continued use of the website is subject to these policies. I think that everyone would agree that a Live Windows CD would be a nice addition to the toolbox of every IT professional. Is it possible to insert drivers sata directly into an BartPE image, or would I have to build it from scratch? Also, the BartPE procedure is indeed unsupported but it is definitely no hush hush or anything secret about it. July 11, at 2:

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Anyway, thanks for the other tips. There is almost no reason not to do this. I came across a blog that said that the issue is that the drivers are incompatible with Windowsso you have to use Windows XP SP2 media when building the BartPE image. What Makes an RPG? Still, it is a bit ironic that you usually have to use Linux to repair or recover a Windows installation — especially considering how much money Microsoft spends on the FUD campaigns against it.


Your email address will not be published. I’ve found that any driver I need once I’m likely to need again.

March 20, at Currently you have JavaScript disabled. March 27, at To finish my story — it worked. March 18, at 9: This advice was on target.

June 11, at 3: Who uses that old junk anymore? Of course trying to stifle progress is futile. Depending on your system setup you will have various settings for this device. You will want to choose Compatible or IDE depending on what you system presents.

Drivers for things like SATA should be very handy to have ready all the time. But you can easily implement a virtual disk in RAM that will pretend to be a traditional read-write storage system and you are good to go.

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I think they are just lazy. Likely you will see: Email Required, but delll shown. I did not test this option. Reversing their policy and creating a version of Windows that could be carried around on a CD, and boot on any machine without some crazy online activation scheme barhpe probably out of the question. Of course since Windows is a proprietary OS, it is not possible to distribute an actual Live CD of it without incurring legal wrath of the software giant.


Run the tool on the system you have the encrypted HD connected to and authenticate, it will mount the drive as an external drive and you can copy the data from it. Instead I get this error:. October 7, at 5: January 14, at Curious to see if it will work without additional drivers.

They are based from windows 8 and windows 7 sp1. Thanks data the idea! I was able to create a BartPE disk with the Pointsec for PC plugin eata then use it to recover the files from the encrypted drive.

BartPE and UBCD4Win Tips and Tricks

Let me know how it went. When I first downloaded and booted up Knoppix, it blew my mind. I think that everyone would agree that a Live Windows CD would be a nice addition to the toolbox of every IT professional.