See Chapter 4 for details. PCB color and bundled software versions are subject to change without notice. Page The Preference tab allows you to customize sensor alerts, or change the temperature scale. Page You can enlarge or reduce the browser size by dragging the bottom right corner of the browser. Comments to this Manuals Your Name.

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New versions of the Express Gate software will be released regularly, adding refinements or new applications.

Page Hardware monitor panels The hardware monitor panels display the current value of a system sensor such as fan rotation, CPU temperature, and voltages. The Xeluxe installation tab appears if your computer has an enabled Autorun feature. Just the basic system.

To change to Normal Mode: The main screen as shown below appears. BIOS or back up your favorite settings. Clearing the user data is useful in the rare case where corrupt settings prevent the Express Gate environment from launching properly.

The driver is installed correctly and I am sure I’ve chosen the right one. Enter the default user name asus and password admin. Select Disks Strip Size: Try this to determine if the sound will work OK.


After you have set a supervisor password, the other items appear to allow you to change other security settings. This browser provides information on the PCI devices installed on your system.

The dual-channel DDR2 architecture doubles the bandwidth of your system memory to boost system performance, eliminating bottlenecks with peak bandwidths of up to Page The authorized user has soundax access to this folder. This chapter describes the motherboard features and the new technologies it supports. This utility provides four modes that you can select to enhance system performance or save power. Asus Express Gate Ssd 4.

Asus Drivers Download

Follow the screen instructions to complete the volume partition. System will continue operating at minimum power and noise when user is temporarily away. Surround Virtualization Activating this function virtualizes surround sound with the vocal clarity added for use with stereo speakers or headphones. Recently I have been experiencing total silence from my speakers, I have tried reinstalling the drivers I got from the Asus website several times but with no more success. Network Make the proper network configurations.


Pin 5 on the connector is removed to prevent incorrect cable connection when using a FDD deeluxe with a covered Pin 5. It is just issue after issue it seems.

Partitioning Volumes New Partition.

Audio setup wizard, B. soundmax | Asus P5Q Deluxe User Manual | Page /

I don’t know if it will work for others. All original data of the two hard drives will be erased for Super Speed setup. Page You can enlarge or reduce the browser size by dragging the bottom right corner of the browser. I still can’t set the default playback device or disable any of the output devices from the Playback Devices list. The time now is Legacy Diskette A [1. Hardware monitoring errors can occur if you fail to plug this connector. The edge deluxs external ports goes to the rear part of the chassis as indicated in the image below.