It was a throw-in anyway I should have read the thread referenced in the first post for this one. From there I tried MP Classic So, I have to choose xmltv for a free guide, but it does not work. How did it recognize it, does it reference the “Device Manager” and the Device Driver installed?

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From there I tried MP Classic MCE is working just fine.

I plan to get a remote and a receiver with IR blasters eventually, but it would have been a nice feature to have until then. In the configuration setup, it recognizes my tv tuner just fine and like you said only as “Analogue Recording Plugin”. Poor and Lazy work!!! Been tryin’ to get it to work ever since. I believe this to be true about all fore mentioned PVR progs I use their products often and never had problems with installs or using them as expected.

Adaptec’s AVC USB TV tuner with dual encoding

And of course the Adaptec disk has no loader or executable of any kind, just an autorun and the HP does If they use account activation by email, wait for it to arrive then activate by link supplied 3: Oh crap, reload time.

Standard tv, Flat panel monitor, rear projection or front projection It took me the longest time to even find one, and I still don’t fully understand mostly because I have very little reference as far as tvguide sites you the user tells the EPG to reference.


My cable provider acts as the digital converter. Although it did pick up the stations in super low def and was a smooth install, aside from the fore mentioned hick-up.

Adaptec Avc Usb Device Driver Download

What hung me up was the. Results 1 to 24 of I only played around with it for a little while before deciding it wan’t worth the extra trouble when Windows 7 Media Center worked pretty well for what I want to do. Your tuner is not one of the more popular ones, so software that works well with it is likely to be harder to find.

Im pretty sure EPG can be adzptec out because it’s only carried aeaptec digital signaleven if the device connected to cable has both digital and analog sources the EPG is lost when windoww analog output as the captured source I’ve been trying to get it to work with anything I can ever since.

K, good to see it’s working and a pity the drive went haywire. I wil keep coming back for sure. For plasma tv just used Flat panel monitor after all wondows one in same.

It’s funny how many more responses I’ve received by restating a question reposting here as apposed to “Capturing”, which is where I originally posted my issue. I then went and filled out the rest of the setup, ie.


Adaptec Avc 3610 Usb Device Driver Download

Adaptec is another one of those companies that though they could make a quick buck selling video capture devices. I have NO idea what the hell they are talking about. I have read the very short list of compatible video cards and they all are ancient, even for they’re quite adatpec.

Only one package will appear “Submitted Oct 2, by honk muffin” And read what they have to say Note: So now I am assuming that you must chose a guide channel or “EPG Source” for the program to complete setup properly and work This is so key!!!

I will try it now. Contact Us VideoHelp Top. Hello, I have the fore mentioned device stand alone, not bundled with some sort of complete PC or Laptop purchase, it is an external device adaptev seperately retail and do not have the drivers.

At one time I had two of them