How Not to Create Your Web Design

There are a lot of things that can be done using different methods and techniques. For example, you can create a website by coding it from scratch or you can use a template and try to give it your own touch. Mainly, what we talk about is how a thing should be done or what different methods we have, but seldom do we discuss the things that are necessary for us to avoid. If we use them, then it can have a very negative effect on all our efforts. So, here we will talk about some of the things that you must avoid when you are ready to create a web design for your business or personal site.

Irrelevant Graphics:

Let’s say you are searching for LED lights online and you open a few sites to see what they have to offer. You come across a site with clowns and toys images all over the site and pages. You will for a moment pause and wonder where you have come. This pause is not good for your visitors. You should never make them wonder where they have come. Instead, after visiting your site, they should instantly know what the site is all about. Having irrelevant images will only destroy your credibility.

Difficult Browsing:

Let’s say you visit a website and then start wondering what to do. There are a lot of websites that don’t care about ‘user experience’. This is a big mistake that you must not make. If you don’t care about the experience of users on your website, then your visitors won’t care about you and your products. Creating a Non-User-Friendly site can be a big disaster. This way you won’t be able to grab their attention and engross them. Instead, with such difficult browsing, you will tell them to actually leave your site and go elsewhere.

Non-SEO-Friendly Site Structure:

A site without any visitors can never become successful. The best way to convert a potential buyer into a paying buyer is to reach him when he needs your products or services. People Google now to find out and buy products. So, if your site appears in the top results, then your website will become prominent and accessible. Hence, to ensure that you get high ranking in search results, you need to make your website SEO-Friendly. If you don’t incorporate all the vital on-page elements, then it may have a bad impact on your rankings. So, ensure that you don’t neglect this part when you create your web design.

Messy Look:

It’s a big misconception that in order to sell online, you just need to create a site and people will come and convert automatically. This is a totally wrong perception. To attractive buyers, you need to create a decent and neat web design. If your website looks messy, it won’t help you. It is important that you organize the content of your website along with images in a nice and appealing manner. This way your site will look attractive and professional and help you convert visitors into customers.